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Reasons Why Businesses Work With US:

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Vancouver Cloud Computing

Vancouver Cloud Computing is a company that has all your Business IT support needs in mind. We’re big enough to deliver onsite IT support, and small enough to care. We offer our services to customers nationwide, but a majority of clientele are from Vancouver.

As a company, we understand that several technical aspects in Business IT division require customization to meet the users’ needs. That’s where we come in. Since our launch, we have helped hundreds deal with cloud based issues. We offer your business the same services and more.

What Sets Us Apart from Other IT Companies

Your Company Will Enjoy Concierge Service

Unlike other remote IT support companies, we create a long-lasting relationship with our clients. After configuring your network or migrating your data to the cloud, we will continue to provide your company with top-tier services and support. To us you’re not just a number, but a partner. Our team will work with you to ensure you achieve your unique individual and company goals.

Customer Support Done Right

Your data and personal experience are important to us. So, rest assured, your calls will get answered by a live human being most of the time. We don’t believe in the maddeningly automated system or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) used by most companies. Besides that, our company promises a quick response whether on phone or email.

A Well Curated IT Plan for Your Business

The success of a business depends entirely on a well-though out plan. We can help you create such a plan and provide you with all the tools and service you need to achieve success. We’ve partnered with many vendors like Shaw, Sherweb and Microsoft. Also, we offer clients services like VoIP solutions, Linux builds and accounting software support.

No Long Term Contracts

We don’t trick you into getting long-term agreements. Our company only aims to deliver 100% satisfaction.

We Understand the Importance of Onsite Training

We help our clients learn about the threat of viruses and hacks to businesses and how to avoid them. The training programs bring in our instructors and we constantly incorporate new ideas and features to add more value to you and your employees. The training also helps clients gain in-depth knowledge of new products and services.

Personalized Education

It no secret! Most individuals lack the basic knowledge of how computers work. Some people usually have a hard time locating files or contacts in their devices. Whereas others can’t even connect to the local area network. Because of this, we’re always ready offer our clients’ education customized to their needs.

We Ensure Our Customers Smile

At end of the day, every one requires a service or product that makes him or her smile. And that’s something we can guarantee you.  Whether onsite or remote, IT support can be a headache. But we never quit until we find a solution to your problem.