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Individualized Remote Business IT Support

Vancouver Cloud Computing offers IT solutions to Veterinary Clinics, Consulting Offices, Accounting Firms, and other businesses in Vancouver and across the nation. We offer VoIP technology, design & monitor cloud service just to mention a few.

We are experts at troubleshooting accounting software like QuickBooks and Sage. So, if your organization requires accounting and bookkeeping IT support, contact us. Apart from that, your company will enjoy:

IT Consultation

  • Cybersecurity Education and Training
  • Cloud Hosting Service Via Microsoft Azure
  • Network and Firewall Monitoring
  • Hosting for Email
  • Fast Response 

5 Vital Building Blocks for Managed IT Support

For effective IT department management, five crucial elements come into play. These building blocks ensure a safe and secure environment for increased productivity.

  1. Network Documentation helps technicians identify trouble spots in the network and determine where to attack them first, thus preventing downtime.
  2. Data Backup involves creating a copy of your business data on your system. In case your original files get deleted or corrupted, administrators can easily restore them.
  3. Email Filtering plays a vital role in your cyber security plan. Most times, cybercriminals use malicious emails to hack into a company’s system. Therefore, there’s a need for scanning messages for spam, viruses, imposters, and others.
  4. A Managed Firewall shields your company’s network from cyber threats or attacks from cybercriminals. Besides that, it delivers around-the-clock security, manages updates, and prevents employees from visiting malicious sites.
  5. Server and Desktop Monitoring allow a company’s IT support team to gain visibility into the activity of their system, whether physical or virtual. It’s the work of remote monitoring agents to access and update servers and desktops to prevent data breaches.

Scalable IT Support

With Vancouver Cloud Computing you can enjoy scalable, secure, and valuable managed IT services, guaranteed to give you an upper hand against competitors and boost your company’s growth significantly. Our personalized solutions will help your business meet its goals.

Get Your Own VCIO

Benefit from top-tier VCIO services from Vancouver Cloud Computing. Collaborate with a VCIO from our company and learn how to create strategic IT goals, plan your IT budget, and secure your existing IT infrastructure.

CEOs who leverage our managed services usually have regular meetings to discuss issues like cyber security, employee training, and business development. As a result, they can build, maintain and secure their IT department while planning for the future.

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